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We recycle Scrap Metal 6 day per week and pay top dollar for all types of scrap metal.

In addition, we offer container services for industrial and clean-up jobs. Offering fast and friendly service with same day pick-up.


Ferrous Metals

  • Appliances

  • Washers & Dryers

  • Shelving

  • Office Equipment

  • Water Heaters

  • Farm Machinery

  • Foundry Steel

  • Cast Iron

  • Steel Rims

  • I-Beams

  • Black Clips

  • Complete Vehicles

  • Construction Equipment

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Large Trucks & Buses

  • Machine Cast

  • Mixed Clips

  • Motor Cast

  • Prepared Steel

  • Semi Trailers

  • Sheet Iron

  • Steel Turnings

  • Stove Cast

  • Torching Steel

  • Unprepared Steel

  • Steel Turnings

  • And more!

Non-Ferrous Metals

  • #1 Coated Copper

  • #1 Copper

  • #2 Coated Copper

  • #2 Copper

  • Aluminum

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Aluminum Copper Radiators

  • Aluminum Radiators

  • Aluminum Rims

  • Aluminum Siding

  • Aluminum Turnings

  • Bare Bright Copper

  • Batteries

  • Brass Turnings

  • Catalytic Converters

  • Compressors

  • Copper Radiators

  • Copper Turnings

  • Electric Motors

  • Lead

  • Nickel

  • Red Brass

  • Stainless Steel

  • Yellow Brass

  • And more!

Refrigerant Bearing Appliances

Gibson Iron & Metal does NOT accept appliances or units containing refrigeration from the general public. 

Gibson Iron & Metal does NOT accept any units with cut lines or dismantled lines. No exceptions!

Gibson Iron & Metal will accept refrigeration units from licensed suppliers only and require proper paperwork and documentation at the time of disposal. All refrigerants and refrigerant substitutes in the unit(s) that are recycled must have been evacuated to the levels in 40 C.F.R. § 82.156(b) through (d) using recovery equipment that meets the standard in 40 C.F.R.§ 82.158(e) through (g), or 40 CFR part 82 subpart B, as applicable. Supplier must certify that all remaining regulated refrigerants have been properly transferred from any refrigeration or air conditioning device into a storage tank, using approved recovery equipment, before delivery to Gibson Iron & Metal in compliance with provisions section of 285.59, Wisconsin Statues, and Chapter NR 488, Wisconsin Administrative Cod.

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